• How long does window replacement take

    How long it takes to install plastic windows depends on the team’s professionalism. On average, removing the old window and preparing it takes about half an hour. The rest of the time is the installation of a new window, window sills, window sill, and waiting time for the installation foam to harden. The typical structure of a specific window costs 15-20 percent of the cost of the window.

    To begin with, workers dismantle the old structures. It takes a lot of time if the windows are old, with screwed tightly to the frames, and frozen in the old paint stains. In addition, the structure is often broken during the removal of the old window because it is difficult to remove it in one piece, and the tenants usually do not have such a need.

    The quality of the work largely depends on the thoroughness of the preparatory procedures. In place of the removed window, there is a lot of debris, which should be cleaned and prepared for the installation of the window frame. Finally, it is put precisely to size and fixed with anchor bolts. Thus it is necessary to observe that the structure was on a building level instead of on an aperture; in many houses, the lines which ostensibly should be straight, sin different warps. And if you look at the window opening from afar, in many places, you can see that the horizontal line is broken in the windows.

    All the gaps are treated with installation foam, and the question – how long does it take to install plastic windows? First, it is extended for another forty minutes to allow the material to be set and adequately hardened. Only then is a window sill fitted under the frame made of plastic or other material. It is also essential to measure and strictly install the window sills for proper installation. Window sills consist of plastic panels, fixed facing corners, or platbands. By the way, if the apartment is renovated, then the trim is better to put yourself after wrapping the wallpaper so that the windows will look better. Throughout installing the window, the owners should monitor the team’s work to ensure quality.

    At the final stage, installers set the glass unit itself, if it was previously removed from the frame, mount and adjust the direction and degree of opening sashes. If necessary, you can include the installation of additional parts, such as fittings, mosquito nets, or locks.

    After completing all the work, it is necessary not to forget to remove the protective film from the window; it can do the workers and owners. But you should not expect this film to extend the window’s life, and you can leave it until it falls off by itself. When heated in the sun, it breaks down and can damage the window, leaving it with streaks and micro scratches.

    How are the plastic windows installed

    Before ordering window constructions, you need to know the following

    parameters: the height and width of the slit with or without a quarter, the length and width of

    the window sill, and the slope. If there is a ledge on the outside and the window is narrower here, the slit of a quarter and measurements are made at the most limited place, preferably by checking several points. After adding the sides of 2 cm. Then, when installing the finished window unit, thanks to its greater width, it will be based on the quarters, improving the stability of the construction. The height values are left unchanged.

    If the house is brick or wood, the hole has no quarters. Therefore, after measuring its width and height, subtract 3 and 5 cm, respectively. And get the necessary size of the window unit when the sides and the top have a gap of 1.5 cm. After the final level check of the window, mounting foam is poured, expanding in the process of crystallization and tightly holding the entire structure.

    The extra centimeters obtained in the lower part are necessary to install the window sill. Its length and width should exceed the window opening by 5-10 cm. But often, the owners choose what size they need, planning to use the window sill as a stand for flowers or just making it flush with the wall. Longer lengths are required to sink the sill profile to the wall and secure it with mortar. The width of the sill should also exceed the size of the hole, but a couple of centimeters.

    Another critical parameter – is the number of open and blind sashes.

    Be sure to determine the direction of their opening, the presence of additional functionality through micro ventilation, and other parameters.

    How long does it take to replace the wooden windows with plastic?

    If you have not had plastic windows installed before and need to dismantle the wooden construction completely, this stage can take no more than 6 hours. The whole peculiarity lies in the preparation of the covering itself and the place for installation – because in this case, you need to carefully seal all parts of the windows to achieve maximum stability and make such windows protected from blowing and draughts. It should also be noted that measurements and production take place before the old frame is removed – simply because it is more comfortable that way. Not everyone will want to live without windows for a long time, and the installation work is done when the specialists have the ready-made window frames on hand.

    If you have had old plastic windows that for some reason broke – for example, the glass was damaged, or the structure has become less tight and can not be repaired – the installation will be a little faster. In this case, the most difficult stage will be the dismantling of window frames because you need to make it so as not to damage the base on which in the future will be attached a new PVC frame. Most often, the entire process does not take more than four hours and can be accelerated if specialists do the work with extensive experience. However, remember that in any case, the installation must be carried out qualitatively; otherwise, you can get a loose-fit plastic frame base to the wall, which will interfere – there will be frequent drafts and blowing.

    Also, the work process will go faster if you need to install multiple windows at once. For example, if you need to make three or four window frames, the process will take no more than 7 hours. After preparing the coating, the installation work begins, and it is a little easier to do it on several windows at once, so the creation process is shortened.

    What should you remember when installing plastic windows

    If you need replacement windows, you should understand that although plastic windows need much less maintenance, this does not mean that you do not need to monitor their condition. For example, sometimes, it is enough to repair the necessary parts in time and change the sealing modes in the winter to prevent premature failure of structures. In this case, it is not always necessary to completely replace the entire window frame – adjust the fit tightly, or replace any components. The same goes for the complete replacement of wooden profiles – sometimes, they can be repaired to eliminate some defects, which will work well enough. However, in that case, it will likely take longer to get the windows in good condition than if you decide to replace them entirely. 

    Modern artisans can quickly change the windows to plastic, depending on your situation. However, it is best to call a master at home before replacement – he will tell you whether it is necessary and how much time it will take to install. Independently trying to calculate how long it will take a particular tap is not worth it – quite often, at various stages of disassembly or installation, there are unforeseen situations – for example, the difficulty of working with the wall or much more. In this case, the work time can be much longer than expected but will not take more than a day.

    Installing one PVC window takes no more than 2-3 hours. Of course, many factors affect the total work time, such as how perfectly flat your walls are and how quickly the old construction will be removed.

    In addition to the window installation, as a rule, fitters produce finishing works – plaster the joints, seal the slopes, install the window sill, and adjust the fittings.

    Before carrying out installation work, prepare the room, cover furniture and electronic equipment with plastic wrap, and remove curtains and flowers since the labor to install the window does not do without dust and debris.

    Where on the depth of the opening should be the window frame

    If the thickness of the wall (window aperture) is conventionally divided into three equal parts, the frame installed window must be at a point 1/3 of the wall on the street side.

    It is especially relevant for windows with a frame width of about 60 mm because the narrow frame promotes increased heat losses through soffits with what condensate precipitates on the surface of both soffits and feelings of the frame, sashes, and glass units.

    The correct installation and insulation of the space (installation joint) between the window frame and the exterior wall with the simultaneous insulation of the soffits will allow avoiding such troubles. Furthermore, the structure is installed with an offset to the center of the window opening to solve the problem of freezing the narrow edge.

    The optimal variant uses broader constructions with a profile width of over 70 mm. The probability of the frame freezing decreases, but only if the window jambs have been thermally insulated.

    What shapes and colors can plastic window frames come in?

    One reason for plastic windows’ high popularity is the possibility of producing constructions of many different shapes and colors.

    Quality window profile is easy to bend, the shapes can be welded together at any angle, and therefore the windows can be trapezoidal, triangular, and arched.

    The design can be made entirely round, like a porthole. The color possibilities of plastic windows today are limited only by the imagination.

    How to avoid fogging of plastic PVC windows

    Fogging of windows is one of the most common problems.

    The causes of misting can be divided into three categories: the wrong choice of window, installers’ mistakes, and insufficient room ventilation.

    In the first case, mistakes are made at the stage of window selection. So, the glass surface will have a reduced temperature if the window has a meager thermal resistance.

    Building standards recommend the use of windows with heat transfer resistance.

    Insufficiently insulated and sealed installation joints let the cold air in, which leads to the cooling of glass and condensation on it. In addition, the window should not fog between the panes – fogging indicates a low-quality insulating glass unit.

    How safe PVC windows are

    Modern PVC window designs do not pose a health hazard since the manufacture of profiles made of polyvinyl chloride (a chemical compound of petroleum products and table salt) is no longer used compounds of heavy metals as before.

    During tests, it was not confirmed that PVC structures release toxic substances such as vinyl chloride, dioxin, and phosgene during operation. Thus, VEKA profiles in Germany are recommended for children’s and medical facilities, which indicates their environmental safety.

    PVC materials are also used to manufacture vessels for storing donor blood, blood plasma, and disposable syringes. Therefore, PVC windows are on the list of products subject to mandatory certification.

    In addition to the quality certificate (conformity), products must have hygienic and fire safety certificates.

    The determining factor when choosing a window of its heart-protective properties, which depend on the width of the profile, the number of inner chambers and their size, the type of glass and the number of air chambers between them, the material and style of sealing contours, etc.

    Thus, the temperature range they are designed for PVC profiles is an important indicator.

    For example, most profiles manufactured in Europe or China are not designed for the Russian climate and can operate without problems only at temperatures between 0 and +40 ° C. The more chambers in the profile and the wider they are, the higher the thermal protection properties of the window.

    For double-glazed windows, both single-chamber (two panes) and double-chamber (three panes) windows can be used for the middle zone.

    In the first case, to improve the thermal properties of the insulating glass unit, it is advisable to replace one ordinary glass with low-emission glass.

    On what the price depends on the plastic window and whether you can calculate the cost over the phone

    The cost of the window depends on the type of profile (width, number of chambers), fittings (kind of opening), the insulating glass unit (thickness and number of panes, their type, the use of inert gases in the filling of the inner glazing gap) and other consumables (tides, soffits, window sills).

    An additional item of expenditure is the work to install the window in the opening. Therefore, when calculating the approximate cost by phone, the initial and final price of the PVC windows may differ.

    This is influenced primarily by the accuracy of your stated size window aperture. As practice shows, the measurements of the specialist considerably differ in the fire called the customer.

    Metering services (most firms provide free) to avoid mistakes and inaccuracies.

    In addition, many firms do not guarantee the windows if an in-house specialist did not make the measurement, and the window was made to the dimensions declared by the customer.

    How long does it take to install the windows?

    The installation of a window takes an average of 3 to 5 hours. In addition, after the installation, you finish the opening: fitters plaster the joints and caulk the soffits, install the window sill, adjust the fittings, and remove the protective film from the profiles.

    How long is the opening open during installation?

    The window opening remains open for about 20 minutes.

    When can I install windows?

    Although people try to install windows in the warm season, modern technology allows you to do it in almost any weather. Currently, many companies use special screens that cover the window openings from wind, rain, or snow while the installation is done.

    The cold season imposes some other features. In particular, PVC windows installation in winter involves product delivery to the site at least one day before installation. Otherwise, cracks may appear in the profile where point forces are applied during installation. In addition, installers use winter foam, designed for low temperatures: Titan, Soudal, and others.

    Can I install windows in winter

    The window aperture is open for a short time during installation, and the room does not have time to get cold, so the windows can be changed in winter. There may be restrictions only if the temperature is below -10 degrees. Even the professional “winter” assembly foam when installing windows reduces the necessary working properties at subzero temperatures.

    What is the difference between installing windows in a panel and a brick house?

    Features of installation of plastic windows depend on the peculiarities of the building. For example, since the depth of window openings in a brick house is much greater than in a panel house, when installing plastic windows in a brick house, they have to be “adjusted,” taking into account the depth of the opening.

    During installation, installers are constantly faced with such construction flaws as geometrically irregular shapes of openings, uneven thickness of the walls, and a mismatch of sizes in the construction drawings. In this regard, the skill level of installers who install plastic windows must correspond to the complexity of the work. Highly qualified personnel, as we know, can provide only a well-established company.

    What should the customer pay attention to while the installers are working?

    Most importantly, it is necessary to monitor that the window box and frame were not deformed and installed with misalignment. To do this, of course, is not needed to grasp the level and plumb every minute to push the master himself to check the verticality of the sides and horizontality of the upper and lower sides of the window.

    It is enough to check its position before it is finally fixed. You should also pay attention to the fact that the installation workers did not try to “speed up” the work and to achieve a “tight” surface adhesion of the aluminum “warm” window to the wall by screwing it with bolts and screws. In this case, the polyamide insulators inside the profiles would undoubtedly be ruined.

    Gaps between the wall and the frame should be within 2-3 (cm). If it is less – there will be no place for the foam, which, in addition to isolating heat, serves as a shock absorber: if the window “will move” to the side, the frame will be set against the foam and will not be deformed.

    The question of installation time for a single plastic window concerns customers not out of idle curiosity. As a rule, people must ask for work leave, send the children to their grandmother, prepare the room for the upcoming installation, etc. And if the structure of PVC windows is held in the winter, to all the above concerns is added fear of freezing the living space with an open window. In general, the installation process brings a bit of turmoil into the customer’s life, and the sooner it is over, the better. At the same time, it must be remembered that there is an inverse relationship between the speed of window installation and the quality of the windows. The faster the building, the worse the rate. And vice versa. So, you just need to be patient and let the installation team do everything as it should, without unnecessary haste. Next, we will consider specific examples of what may depend on the speed of installation of plastic windows in modern homes and apartments.

    To begin with, determine what “installation of plastic windows ” means. Typically, we are talking about the procedure for removing the old window, installing a new window unit, its alignment in the planes, fastening and creating a quality joint, as well as the collection and removal of debris left after the dismantling and installation procedures. We could also add the delivery of windows and bring them into the room. Still, we will not do this because the delivery and installation are carried out on different days.

    A critical factor for the timing of the plastic window installation is the condition of the room where the installation procedure will be performed. This is quite simple to explain. However, all the disassembly and installation processes are accompanied by physical force, lifting heavy parts, elements, and tools, significantly increasing the risk of hitting, damaging, breaking, or scratching.

    It is worth noting that it is up to the customer to take care before the installers arrive to protect furniture, coverings, and furnishings from damage and contamination and clear a free space for the installer team to work efficiently. After all, it’s in his best interest. We must set aside tables and chairs, remove everything from the window sill, protect upholstered furniture with cellophane, put newspapers on the floor in front of the window, etc. Some customers do not do this, believing the installers should do it. And the installers, being people of understanding, can indeed take some steps to protect the furnishings of the room from damage, even though it is not their responsibility to do so. As you understand the preparatory procedures, plus the need to work very carefully and slowly, all this will indeed affect the timing of the installation of plastic windows, which is not in your interest.

    If the house is under construction (under construction), it will be easier for the installer team in this case. There is no need to remove anything, there is no risk of damaging anything, and there are no old window units to dismantle in apartment buildings. Even the debris generated during installation can be taken out by the builders working at the site. Given the absence of the dismantling procedure, it will be many times less than in normal conditions. In general, with a correctly performed measurement and the lack of additional complications, the entire process of installing a single window can take a maximum of one hour. If the installers are free, they can glaze the whole house in two to three days, assuming full employment at one site.

    The second option is to install windows in the house or apartment being renovated. In principle, everything is the same as in the previous case but added to the process of dismantling the old window. And this process, it should be said, is strictly individual. Removal of the old window unit can take one to six hours, depending on conditions, which we will discuss later. Also, add to the total installation time of collecting and removing the debris left after removal. Sometimes, a single window can manage about a dozen bricks, concrete, and plaster bags.

    We have all the same as in the case of the room under repair, plus add the need for more careful action in a living environment. As we said, installers will do everything possible to prevent damage to furniture and other surfaces. But only in your power to eliminate the risk of potential trouble, properly prepare the room for the installation procedures. With decent preparation, the installation process can significantly speed up, amounting to about an hour and a half per window.

    Panel and brick houses

    The difference between the speed of installing plastic windows in the panel and brick houses is very significant. It is much easier for installation crews to work in panel houses, where there is no need to hammer plaster with a hammer, where pieces of brick walls do not break out, etc. Dismantling procedures here, as a rule, do not last more than half an hour. And there is not much trash left at all. The cherished hour and a half for installing PVC windows in panel blocks of flats is not a myth but reality. Of course, in the absence of the additional complications, we mentioned above. As for the brick houses, even the dismantling process can take several hours. Installation crews must remove the plaster layer, which may be as thick as 20 centimeters. And brick tends to deteriorate over time, leading to the need to be extremely careful during dismantling. So if the process of installation of plastic windows in a brick house will take a whole day, do not be surprised.

    As you can see, the timing of PVC window installation can be very different. And do not think that the installers are too lazy to do everything quickly and qualitatively. Instead, be patient, and the structure of plastic windows will go precisely as needed for their practical and long-lasting service.

    Standard 3-room apartment in an ordinary panel house of recent construction. Buying housing that (as has become fashionable in recent times) is not initially suitable for life (bare concrete walls and ceilings, without plumbing and even primitive outlets), the owner plans in advance to repair and, most likely, put in the item of expenditure replacement of windows. Since we are talking about installation today, let’s skip the possible delays and mishaps in the pre-installation stages and assume everything went smoothly and evenly. The windows are delivered to the site, the installation team arrives at a predetermined time, and the process begins. Typically, the windows are replaced in the early stages of repair, when the dirtiest and wettest work is done. (On the most appropriate time to replace the windows during the restoration, it makes sense to talk separately) installers, nothing in the apartment is hampered; without fear for the property, you can perform demolition work, taking 30 percent of the installation of new windows. Also, at such sites, there are no problems with waste removal of waste local builders will do everything themselves. We can say that all conditions for the work quickly and efficiently. And so it is, installing a plastic window with the dismantling work may take from one to two hours, depending on the configuration of the window, the skill of specialists, the availability of a mounting kit, and other small things. Probably worth mentioning at once about installation using Illbrook technology – in this case, the installation time will increase by 10-15 minutes. If you count a standard 3-bedroom apartment with four windows and a balcony door, completing the installation in 1 working day is quite realistic.

    Millbrook technology, in simple words

    What is the difference between conventional installation and Millbrook installation? Little effort on the part of the fitters and the wasted material on the part of the supervisors of these fitters.

    The sequence of works during the standard installation: to remove the old window, prepare the new window for installation (drilling holes, installation of fasteners for mosquito nets and other work), install the window in the opening, alignment and fastening, and finally the foam, after which someone in good faith from the street blots the joint adjoining the window to the wall with silicone, sets the sill – and the installation is complete. What changes when installing with Millbrook? Dismantling the old window remains, but the preparation of the new window for installation is delayed a little: the outer side at the junction of the window with a quarter of the window is glued with self-expanding tape, and on the inside, a foil butyl tape is glued, which then will cover the foam. Then, everything is as usual: installation in the opening, alignment, foaming, and the final treatment of the joint with the tape. Everything is simple, and the installation time increases slightly – 10-15 minutes for each window. But as far as necessary to use technology, whether it justifies itself, I think it is worth discussing in future issues.

    Situation 2.

    Residential apartment.

    And now we have the same 3-room apartment but on one floor. Its owner did not change the windows during the renovation and now, looking at his downstairs neighbor, also caught the idea of a new and better one. One nuance: the client lives in this apartment, furnished according to the latest supermodern designer. What awaits the installation crew in such a situation? Difficult access to every window, floors that need to fly over, furniture whose facade exceeds several times the installer’s salary. Again, there is a big problem with the construction debris disposal during installation work. It is sporadic to find a firm that “liquidates” behind itself the physical evidence of a broken opening. Technically, the installation will take precisely the same time as the first. But the apartment makes its adjustments: first, you have to cover here, there to move, there to remove, and at the same time watch that inadvertently does not scratch, hit, do not drop, etc., etc. – All in all, the replacement of all windows in such an apartment will take from 1.5 to 3 days. Installation with Millbrook technology does not affect either speed or time.

    Situation 3.

    Construction of a house

    Today, no matter how new the house, it is necessarily equipped with sealed windows of the latest generation, whether wooden or plastic, but most often installed them “specialists” building site. Here is where to turn around. You can have a competition to lift windows to the n-th floor by hand, run up the stairs with tools, the number of windows installed per hour. In my opinion, the way the installation of windows on the construction site is not a regular job. People installing windows are familiar with the subject only by hearsay; the recruitment of these “experts” is conducted, in my opinion, at the train stations. The speed of installation, of course, is impressive: 20-30 standard structures per shift, but the quality leaves much to be desired. It is a pity about the tenants’ money, who throw away the windows ruined by the builders and, most importantly, the installers upon moving into such houses. Windows can, of course, not change. But, first, the tenant keeps the construction assembled in the same rush in which they were installed. Secondly, the questionable appearance – restoration will not be much cheaper than replacement. Thirdly, the configuration of the window with a large number of blind parts is also not particularly happy. And in conclusion, you will have to go to a firm for service, which you will have to find.

    Situation 4.

    The construction of the cottage

    The picture is very similar to the first and third, differing only in quantity and quality of windows. There are probably many differences – here are a few fundamental ones. First of all, the prestige of the object obliges them to do the work well and quickly. All conditions for quality and fast installation are created: free openings, a complete absence of dismantling works, and the work schedule are almost round the clock (if the house is not built in a ready and habitable settlement). What else do you need to finish everything quickly? In many ways – it’s all about the human factor. It is from the one who works at the site, depends on the high speed without loss in quality. Glazing a small bungalow in Russia, with a total area of all windows and doors of about 50 m2, will take 2-3 days to 1-1.5 weeks. Factors such as the remoteness of the object, convenient access roads, and the availability of electricity are more critical. Own vehicles also accelerate the work.

    Situation 5.

    Common – we’re out of luck.

    Regardless of the object, its complexity and prestige, and the shape, configuration, and size of the window, there may be large and small problems. Every firm has been through this, and wrong is the firm that can not get out of such situations worthily. The window does not fit in the opening a little, or, conversely, a little fallthrough, just a little, just a little. All these “little” and “very little” will require dodgy installation and a clever installer. Time spent scratching the pumpkin and stimulating ingenuity differs for each installer model.

    We considered the most typical “assembly” situations and estimated timekeeping in each case. Now let us correct that the entire calculation was conducted for the warm season. With the onset of winter, respectively, will change and time indicator. In the first and second cases (when installing in the “renovated” and “living” apartment), you can expect the process to speed up: to close the heat loop, the installers will be in a hurry. In the third and fourth – the installation time will stretch: warm clothes limit movement, short daylight hours, work in the cold – do not add to the speed.

    What else can affect the installation time?

    First of all, the availability of suitable tools in a complete set. It does not matter what brand of power tools and what company’s hand tools will be, and the main thing is that everything should be usable. A rule of thumb to use: “Let it be and not be useful, then it will not be there when you need it.”

    But a good tool will lie dead weight if there are no consumables: anchor plates, window anchors, installation foam, silicone, and more (installation with Millbrook technology increases the list of consumables twice). It is necessary to take care of it in advance. But the most critical person in the process depends on speed and quality – the installer. Train competent professionals and select people as strictly as possible – then maybe the culture of installation work will rise, and it will not be so important how much time the installer spends on replacing a window. Suppose your trained installer works slowly but reliably, showing an interest in what he does, helping out in seemingly hopeless situations. In that case, he is much better than the installer who installed the window in 15 minutes and then spent the whole day redoing his “work. From my practice, I can remember many different cases of non-standard installation; no matter how long it took, it always depended only on people. Even a monkey can be taught to use a punching machine and wear a beautiful uniform, but it is impossible for a human being to think. Quite a few unintelligent individuals install windows, doing the work mechanically, losing sight of the object of their labor. So it is not so important the amount of time spent on the installation; we should worry about how it will be done qualitatively.

    How long does it take to install windows?

    Installing a window in an empty opening takes very little time at all.

    Installing the structure, aligning it in three planes, fixing it to the walls, and filling the joint with installation foam usually takes more than 30 minutes if the opening size is not more than 3 square meters.

    This is the size of the structures available in most homes. But dismantling old products can be pretty time-consuming or, on the contrary, quite fast.

    Installation in panel buildings

    Here, as a rule, everything is simple. However, the plaster layer in such houses is rare, so dismantling the window and removing the sashes and frame takes about 15-20 minutes.

    There is not much trash, so an experienced team of installers can handle the dismantling and installation for about an hour – and a half.

    A layer of plaster may have to be removed with a hole punch, extending the work for an hour or more. Accordingly, a large amount of dust is provided to you.

    Installing windows in a brick house

    The bricklayer of plaster is always present, and sometimes its value exceeds 20 cm, especially concerning the Stalin and brick five-story buildings of old construction. Therefore, dismantling may take a long time, sometimes up to three hours per window.

    The trash from one opening can be up to twenty(!) Construction bags, so it is an excellent test of nerves. Although the entire process can take 2 to 5 hours, a construction surveyor (still at the stage of measuring the opening) can more accurately orient you on time, usually a former installer.

    How much time to install plastic windows – Building and repairing

    Installing one PVC window takes no more than 2-3 hours. Many factors influence the total work time, such as how perfectly flat your walls are and how quickly the old structure will be removed.

    In addition to the window installation, as a rule, fitters produce finishing works – plaster the joints, seal the slopes, install the window sill, and adjust the fittings.

    Before performing installation, it is recommended to prepare the room in advance, cover furniture and electronic equipment with plastic wrap, and remove curtains and flowers since the window installation work does not do without dust and debris.

    Where on the depth of the opening should be the window frame?

    If the thickness of the wall (window aperture) is conventionally divided into three equal parts, the frame installed window must be at a point 1/3 of the wall on the street side.

    It is especially relevant for windows with a frame width of about 60 mm because the narrow frame promotes increased heat losses through soffits with what condensate precipitates both on the surface of the soffits themselves and on the surface of the frame, sashes, and glass units.

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